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GCASA's approach to treating addiction is based on many years of research and study of what works in addiction recovery. Our treatment philosophy is based on a medical model and the knowledge that addiction is an illness that affects the mind, body and spirit of the addicted person and those close to them. While we believe that abstinence is the best way to manage recovery from addiction, we also recognize that many individuals’ can improve life areas and still suffer occasional relapses. Counselors are trained to help individuals manage their relapses in a timely and constructive manner, with the focus on minimizing the impact on each individual and their family.

The treatment team at each of our licensed clinics includes the medical director, registered nurses and trained counselors.  Because treatment and recovery needs to be individualized we offer specialty programs such as Opiate Treatment, Women's GroupGambling, Co-Occuring Group and more.  Many of GCASA's counselors have specialized addictions training; CASAC-T or CASAC credential (PDF). 

For more information on how to schedule an appointment, speak with a counselor or learn more about addiction treatment at GCASA call 585-343-1124 or 585-589-0055.