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Responsible Server Training (RST)

Responsible Server Training (RST) is a NYS Liquor Authority certified program designed to teach anyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages about how to sell or serve responsibly.  RST is considered an environmental strategy.  When bartenders or store clerks know how to properly check ID’s, how alcohol affects the brain, signs that a person may be underage and how behavioral indicators can be used to assess a potential customer, the result is fewer people will leave bars intoxicated, fewer underage youth will consume alcohol, fewer arrests will be made and more people and property will remain safer.

RST is tailored specifically for on-site premises – places where alcohol is consumed such as a bar and off-site premises – such as a store where people purchase alcohol but do not consume it there. 

Sherri Bensley, one of the authors of Responsible Server Training is the lead trainer and has taught RST to hundreds of bartenders, waitresses, store clerks, business owners and hostesses across New York State.  Contact Sherri at 585-331-8742 or to get more specific information about RST or to schedule a class for your employees or co-workers.